5 litre Machine

We offer a comprehensive range of 5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator, backed by an unfathomable amount of industrial expertise.

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Detailed Information

Oxygen concentrators extract oxygen from the air.
In most cases, it’s a molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) powered by electricity.

Oxygen Concentration93% (3% )
AC 230/505) 0.04-0.07 Mpa outlet pressure
300 W,LCD Display:
S.Times: It is the number of times you have turned on the machine.
It shows the operating pressure in the system.
O.Time (operating Time): It is calculated in minutes.
Acc.Time (Accumulated Running Time):
The oxygen concentrator’s LCD screen comes on and goes off in 15 minutes.
During work, pressing the right key will relight the screen.

5 litre Machine
5 litre Machine
5 litre Machine
5 litre Machine
5 litre Machine

Key Attributes

Covid Products

5 Litre Oxygen Concentrator supplies about 5 liter per minute of therapeutic oxygen and is suitable for use at home and clinical setting equally well.
5 litre Machine

Product Details

5 litre Machine







Postage Weight

19000.000 g

Plug Type

3 Pin





  1. Automatic alarm detection system with photosensitive LED display, oxygen purity monitoring, cumulative timing, power failure alarm, and additional functions

Simple to operate.

  1. The zero friction solenoid valve design results in a more stable and durable performance and life.
  2. High-efficiency Lithium Molecule (Z12-07) with 30,000 hours of operation, guaranteed performance.
  3. A completely modular internal design and an integrated oxygen module system facilitate installation and maintenance.
  4. Power-efficient and high-efficiency design.

Within three minutes of powering on, oxygen is produced, with a purity of up to 93%.

  1. HEAP high efficiency filter, rated at 5000 hours continuous use.
  2. HEAP high-efficiency bacterial filter (0.3um) to ensure that the oxygen produced is pure and sterile, as required by PM2.5.
  3. Noise reduction on multiple levels; low-noise operation below 40dB.
  4. Patented oil-free compressor with a life expectancy of over 25000 hours.

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