Did You Know?

Our manufacturing process is equal to recycling plastic bottles! Each business activity that Bluzen undertakes focuses on providing products & services that make sustainable contributions to our people and our planet.



The Bluzen range is the first globally available 100% recycled line of premium yarn and fibre cloths, zips, interlinings and trims.

Bottles recycled in 2020

114 m

Pure Quality

Sustainable raw materials

The Bluzen is a 100% cotton thread made from sustainable raw materials and eco-friendly and environmentally compliant dyes and chemicals.

Supply chain energy savings

500 m
Sustainability First

Our Innovations Helping To Eliminate Waste

We anticipate the recycling needs of the future by continuously improving our manufacturing processes. We are innovating to optimize secondary raw material for re-use in an environmentally-friendly process.
Our test centre is the cornerstone of our research and development projects, machine improvements and large-scale customer requests. Each year, a hundred or so tests take place on our site to help fifty customers qualify their waste and define customised processes.There are as many typologies as different products and answers found by our experts.

Significantly reduce your product’s environmental footprint

Bluzen’s textiles can play a role in helping brands achieve their sustainability goals.
50 %

Reduction in greenhouse gases

We are doing the best and providing world-class products which will surely help the Indian Garments Manufacturer and Textile market to compete globally with certified International Standards.