10 litre Machine

It is one of the smallest and most compact high-volume concentrators on the market.

Covid Products

Detailed Information

When you have shortness of breath, the Servotech 10L oxygen support device comes with everything you need to provide a constant supply of pure oxygen. Anyone who is having problems breathing due to health issues or respiratory disorders such as a strong cough or cold may find it highly beneficial.
Our oxygen concentrators deliver a consistent oxygen supply based on the needs of the patient. There will be no oxygen loss, maximum efficiency, and speedy distribution. They can provide up to 90% pure oxygen at 0.5-5 LMP, allowing them to meet the needs of a wide range of patients in a number of environments. It can be employed in a variety of settings, including homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and mobile health services.
10 Litre Machine
10 Litre Machine
10 Litre Machine
10 Litre Machine
10 Litre Machine

Key Attributes

Covid Products

Oxygen concentrator is meant to be simple and easy to handle and use, offering you more freedom and flexibility.
10 Litre Machine

Product Details

10 Litre Machine

Clear design for easy use

Lightweight and compact

Digital hour meter - easy to read the top of the device

Convenient top and side hamdles for easy transport

Front label with clear visible LED''s and easy to read

High performance

Capable of delivering yp to 96% purity from 2 lpm to 10 lpm

OSD sensor for continously monitoring oxygen levels

Can easily incorporate a comaptible transfill system, via the auxillary oxygen port and comaptible transfill caddy.

Reliable Safety features

Oxygen outlet incorporating a fire protection adpater

Tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended peroids of time

Alrams do not require a battery and indicate power failure, high gas temperature, high pressure, low and high flow, low oxygen and service required

  • 10 Litres Oxygen Concentrator (93% purity) with On-Screen Live Oxygen Purity Check - Intelligence Alarm System: Low Pressure; Low Concentration; and Power Outage
  • 220V/50Hz power supply | 320w consumption | less than 50dB noise level | output pressure 30-60Kpa | oxygen output 0-10L/min and 0-5L/min
  • Model Owgels 0-10L/min (1 Patient) and 0-5L/min (2patient 5+5)
  • Dual -Flow is designed in accordance with medical and home appliance standards, and it provides a high concentration of oxygen.
  • The product features include a live oxygen purity check on the screen, an adjustable oxygen flow rate of 1 to 10L per minute, an oxygen concentration of greater than 93 percent, and an oxygen pressure of 30-60KPa.

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