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Melange yarns, also known as coloured yarns, are formed by mixing various fibres. These fibres can be the same colour or kind, or they can be different colours or types. The blend contains both dyed and unprocessed fibres. The viscose fibre melange yarns are extremely long-lasting and brilliant. There are a variety of colours to choose from. Melange yarns can be made from 100% pure fibres or a combination of fibres. Cotton fibres are typically combined with polyester or viscose yarns to form melange yarns.

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Mélange yarn, often known as grey melange yarn, is defined as yarn made up of at least two or more two fibres. Melange is a phrase that is commonly used to describe yarns made from the blend of two fibres whether of the same type but different in colour or the type of fibre used is different. Melange yarn is a yarn that is manufactured with various combinations of raw white and coloured cotton or dyed fibres,” says the manufacturer of cotton grey mélange yarn. Mélange yarn, for example, is made up of 99 per cent raw white cotton and 1 per cent coloured cotton (of any colour). Melange yarn has a lovely, one-of-a-kind appearance. It has a different structure than regular yarn. Its colour is various.

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For a variety of reasons, melange yarn is popular.

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