Interlocked Jersey/double Jersey

Interlock fabric, also known as double jersey fabric, is a high-quality fabric that is used in underwear, lingerie, fashion outfits, and ready-to-wear clothing. These may be knitted in a number of different ways, including plated fabric, auto striper interlock, and cross dyeing interlock. These are export-quality fabrics that are in great demand in nations such as the United States, Europe, and Russia.

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Detailed Information

Interlock Knit Fabric is a flexible fabric crocheted using interlocking stitches on a circular knitting machine using alternating pairs of needles. Interlock knit fabric features two rows of stitches, one immediately after the other, rather than ridges of knit and purl threads. Interlock is a stretchy knit that has the same right and wrong sides. In reality, an interlock jersey is a double jersey with a smooth surface on both sides. The fabric’s wales are alternated on each side, with the rear loops knitted together. This implies that an interlock will have the same appearance on both sides.

The structure of the double knit is referred to as interlock once again. Interlock fabric is inherently elastic due to its composition, particularly when compared to standard jersey knit fabric. When stretched, the fabric will quickly return to its original form and hold that shape after being worn and cleaned many times.


Key Attributes

Fabric Products

Interlock fabrics are mainly produced on specially designed circular double jersey machines called interlock machines. Some of the characteristics of these fabrics set aparts from other fabrics are as follows:

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