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Tuyere cotton, commonly known as hot air cotton, is a novel form of thermal insulator. Spray cotton is not the same as hot air cotton. Its fixing technique is to combine a particular quantity of low-melting fibre or ES two-component fibre with the raw materials rather than using latex. Because the fibres are sintered immediately after heat drying in the manufacturing process, it is classified as a synthetic fibre filter cotton.

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Hot air cotton (non-adhesive cotton) is a novel form of thermal insulation that replaces sprayed cotton and imitation silk cotton. Spray cotton is not the same as hot air cotton. Its fixing technique is to employ a particular number of low melting point chemical fibres or two-component chemical fibres in the raw materials rather than natural latex. The chemical fibres are sintered throughout the procedure, according to the heat drying method. As a result, hot air cotton manufacturing is quicker, with a big production volume and cheap cost.

 A kind of extra raw material in N95 masks is hot air cotton non-proof fabric, which has the practical effect of both cold and warm protection in certain manufacturers.The hot air cotton sandwiched in the centre of the N95 folding mask has a high velvet content, excellent ductility, soft touch, strong breathability, good breathability, and effective water absorption.

Hot Air Cotton

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