On one or both sides, a soft, medium-weight cotton fabric with a napped, or fuzzy, texture. Brushing or the loosely spun weave give it its napped appearance. Its soft, comforting texture makes it the ideal fabric for keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the winter. It’s often woven with patterns, particularly plaid and tartan, and is a popular fabric for winter bedding.

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Flannel has been produced since the 17th century, with its origins most likely in Wales. Flannel was initially made of wool, but by the twentieth century, it was mostly composed of cotton, with some silk thrown in for good measure. The softest, cosiest flannel nowadays is made entirely of cotton.

Flannel may be brushed or left unbrushed for added softness. Brushing is a mechanical procedure that involves rubbing the fabric with a thin metal brush to elevate tiny threads from loosely spun yarns, resulting in a nap on one or both sides. If the flannel isn’t napped, the loosely spun yarn in the woven shape gives it its softness.

Any shirt with a plaid or tartan design is frequently wrongly referred to as a “flannel shirt.” However, the term ‘flannel’ merely refers to the fabric, and not all plaid shirts are flannel.


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Flannel fabric is a popular option for autumn and winter outerwear because of its softness and warmth. Flannel fabric is also used to make outerwear (such as jackets and coats) and flannel trousers.

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