A synthetic elastic fibre, spandex yarn was created. Elastic Yarn is a generic term for a synthetic texture material having elastic characteristics. Stretchy fabric, such leggings and sports shorts, are often made from spandex-blend yarn. Some individuals see spandex as a fetishistic substitute for one’s own skin while wearing it as an apparel material, as though the garment creates a “moment skin” that represents the wearer’s own skin in some way. As a result of this, the term “lycra fetishism” has emerged. Tights often include lycra as a fabric component.
Even when stretched four to seven times its original length, spandex bounces right back to its original length. Despite the fact that spandex seems to be a single, unbroken thread, it is really a jumble of intertwined strands.

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Elastane, often known as spandex, is a synthetic fabric renowned for its suppleness. It has superior strength and tensile properties than natural rubber. A broad variety of products utilise spandex because of its flexibility and strength (it can stretch up to five times its length). Clothing containing spandex is known as spandex because it has the ability to stretch to provide the wearer with more comfort and a better fit. Spandex has the advantages of being very strong and stretchy, as well as returning to its previous form after being stretched. It also dries much quicker than conventional textiles. Because spandex makes up such a tiny proportion of garment fabrics, it doesn’t alter the appearance or feel of the finished product as much as other fibres. More than 650,000 tonnes of spandex yarns are needed each year to meet worldwide demand.

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