Bamboo textiles are made from bamboo fibres, such as yarn, fabric, and apparel. Prior to this, it was used to construct the basic structural elements of a wide range of stylish and classic clothing (such as the corsets and bustles). Bamboo fibres are currently widely utilised due to new technical advancements. To create a new kind of textile, bamboo fibres are combined with other yarns. This textile is extensively used in the fashion business today.

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The bamboo yarn is created using a high-tech method that uses only bamboo as a raw material. When it comes to natural antibacterial properties, bamboo fibre is a much better choice than chemical antimicrobials are. The latter, when used in clothing, may trigger allergies in those who are sensitive to latex. Bamboo fibre contains antibacterial, bacteriostasis, and deodorising properties that are unique and natural. The natural anti-UV property of bamboo (as opposed to the man-made addition) is highly valued. Clothing made from bamboo reduces body temperature by 2°C while also removing odor-causing bacteria. In particular, it’s well-suited for items like underwear, socks, t-shirts, and bathrobes, as well as for things like summer clothes and surgical gowns.

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